Individually developed anti-aging creams are based on bioidentical hormones. After evaluating your hormonal profile and taking into account the characteristics of your skin, age and gender, the skin care products  are created in specialized laboratories in Germany.

Creams Based on Bioidentical Hormones

Individually developed anti-aging creams based on bioidentical hormones are a great alternative to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology: fillers, botox, threads, and hardware procedures. These creams affect not only the skin but also the entire body, allowing us to talk about the complex rejuvenating effect. The structure of the skin and tissue is preserved by stimulating your own collagen and elastin.

The use of these creams reduces the amount of natural enzymes that destroy the structural proteins of tissues. They stimulate anti-inflammatory and regenerative processes, allow us to preserve muscles and bones mass, and reduce the risk of an early onset of other age related diseases. 

Creams are made in specialized laboratories in Germany after determining your hormonal profile and taking into the account the characteristics of your body, age and gender.

Creams with Peptides Tailored to Individual Needs 

Face creams, eye creams with peptides are effective in fighting age-related changes and in cell renewal. The variety of peptides allows you to achieve diverse effects, from the temporary “botox effect” with remarkable smoothing of wrinkles, and creation of an instantaneous rejuvenating effect to the maintaining of healthy skin structure and the activation of rejuvenation processes.

Nutritional Supplements

The laboratory produces individual, scientifically proven (in effectiveness) nutritional supplements of the highest quality, such as mercury-free fish oil, phytoestrogens, probiotics, mineral supplements, super-antioxidants, etc.