Individually developed anti-aging creams are based on bioidentical hormones. After evaluating your hormonal profile and taking into account the characteristics of your skin, age and gender, the skin care products  are created in specialized laboratories in Germany.

The program is individually designed on the basis of blood tests, genetic testing, and the analysis of the body for heavy metals. It allows us to effectively and gently increase the metabolism in the liver, the main protective organ in our body, and activate the purification processes.

An integrated approach to rejuvenating and preventing diseases is based on clinical research, advanced medical methods, and determining the markers of body aging. This is a life plan for restoring and maintaining health!

Dr. Letnikovs’s unique approach does not include the traditional counting of calories. We go a lot deeper and study thoroughly your individual characteristics (medical history, blood tests and, if necessary, do your genetic analyses).

The use of medical drugs can have a different effect on different people. Genetic testing helps identify how your body reacts to a particular medicine, allows you to avoid the side effects of using medicines and to choose the most effective doses of them all.

Proper nutrition, exercise and the lack of bad habits guarantee strong health. But even the healthiest life style does not exclude age-related diseases. The cause of many diseases lies in the combination of genetic predispositions and environmental factors. By knowing the genetic risks, it is possible to prevent and  reduce an early onset of age-related diseases.

At a certain age hormonal imbalance begins for both women and men, accelerating the aging process and leading to an increased risk of aging and degenerative disorders (skin aging, cardiovascular diseases, onco-pathology, decreased libido, impotence, osteoporosis, reduction of muscle mass, increase in fat deposits, neurological illnesses, etc).

Dr. Aleks Letnikovs works with autoimmune conditions, weight disorders, age-related degenerative diseases, hormonal disorders, male and female infertility, and the body’s metabolic detox systems.

Work with each patient starts with a thorough study and analysis of you and your family’s medical history. Based on this, a report of additional medical research is drawn up for you, with preliminary identification of health risks, individual recovery measures and necessary treatments.

About the Doctor

MD. Aleks Letnikovs is a doctor of 25 year international experience and  a personal health expert, specializing in anti-aging, preventive and regenerative medicine. His patients include a number of celebrities and people from the Forbes list. 

With his unique approach, Dr Aleks Letnikovs has merged the latest achievements of Europe and America's clinical medicine with effective and scientifically-based principles of alternative medicine. 

His integrative method of ‘active longevity’, has established itself as a lifelong program, permitting his patients to restore their health and slow down the aging process.